ROTO lands on the Play Store!

After months of development and staying in the dark, ROTO is finally out on the Play Store.

Immerse yourself in this circular adventure filled with big and mean balls.

ROTO is a fresh take on the puzzle-platformer genre with its ultra simple gameplay accompanied by neat and minimal greyscale artstyle that will test your reflexes and will make you stick to it until you complete all the levels and meet all the balls.

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Hello world!

Finally we’ve launched our official website. It feels so good to have a global platform where we can make our voices heard.

We’ll be  regularly blogging about our latest games and dev stories. Also, we like to attend a lot of game jams and events, so expect a pile of photographs and bitching blogs every month.

Currently, we are working on a game called ROTO and it’s going quite well. We’ve got some press coverage too! Check out what IGN wrote about us. Guys at MCV were kind enough to do a small article on ROTO.

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Keep coming back for more and expect some blogs every month. And get hyped about ROTO, it’s gonna be awesome!