Stay, Mum Arrives on iOS on 29th October!

We are so happy to share the news that Stay, Mum will be available on iOS worldwide on 29th October 2015!

And what’s better than TouchArcade¬†announcing your release date and featuring the news on their homepage? We couldn’t have asked for more. And when we thought this was the best day of our life, PocketGamer covered the news on their website as well, an icing on top of the cake!

But the excitement brings in some nervousness too, as you can see Stay, Mum is a very ambitious and a step in a different direction for us, totally different from what we did with ROTO. There’s a lot of pressure, there are people who are eagerly waiting for the game and we don’t want to disappoint anyone. Let’s hope next week turns out to be the best time of our lives and motivates us to keep on walking down the ambitious path.

Fingers crossed!

We are proud to reveal our second game – Stay, Mum!


We haven’t even started working on the game and it got selected for PocketGamer Connects!

Now that we got plenty of time to relax and take a break after ROTO, we started thinking about the next game. It is something different from what we are used to developing. We wanted our next game to connect to the player emotionally and mentally. And Stay, Mum is the next step in our evolution as a game developer.

Stay, Mum is a narrative based physics puzzler based on the relationship of a mother & son. It will be available for for iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon. Yeah, we wanted to capture all the market with this one. It was pitched to PocketGamer and got qualified for the Big Indie Pitch, happening in April. We don’t have much to share but here, have a look at this banner!

Stay, Mum - Teaser

Apple loves us!

We are so happy and want to share our happiness with you! Looks like Apple has featured ROTO on the App Store in more than 20 countries! Woohoo!

All of that hard work, sleepless nights and working weekends finally paid out.

And now, we are working on new level packs with new type of balls which will be out soon.