We are now a part of Google Indie Games Accelerator!

After radio silence for almost two years with recently revealing our next game in development titled ‘Possessions,’ we are thrilled to share an exciting announcement with you.

Turns out Google, the tech giant, has planned to start a special accelerator program for Indies in the Asian region and guess what, we’ve been selected among some of the best Indie game dev studios in Asia to be a part of it!

As part of the program, we will be attending a game dev bootcamp at their HQ in Singapore from 24th to 27th September 2018. Selected indies will be mentored by leading industry and Google experts.

As we are nearing completion on ‘Possessions,’ we believe this accelerator program will help us better shape the game, fingers crossed!

Watch out for ‘Possessions,’ coming soon to an Android and iOS device near you!

We Are Hiring!


We are looking for some passionate ‘Game Artists’ who can help us create the next best-looking game and some ‘Game Programmers’ who can code and make that game come to life.

If you share the same passion for games and wish to work with us on our future projects, drop us an email at: iwannawork@lucidlabs.in

See you on the battlefield!

Hello world!

Finally we’ve launched our official website. It feels so good to have a global platform where we can make our voices heard.

We’ll be  regularly blogging about our latest games and dev stories. Also, we like to attend a lot of game jams and events, so expect a pile of photographs and bitching blogs every month.

Currently, we are working on a game called ROTO and it’s going quite well. We’ve got some press coverage too! Check out what IGN wrote about us. Guys at MCV were kind enough to do a small article on ROTO.

You can like ROTO on Facebook.

If you are more into Twitter, you can Follow us too!

Keep coming back for more and expect some blogs every month. And get hyped about ROTO, it’s gonna be awesome!