Lucid Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Based in New Delhi, India

Founding date:
May, 2015


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Stay, Mum



Lucid Labs is an independant game studio from India who likes to work on games which are experimental and artistic in nature. It only consists of a single man, a man who thinks collaborating with new people from all over the world for each game is sheer fun and joy. Most often, we like to build games which are rich in story and human emotions. We like to think that we make games (not) for the masses.


Early history

Lucid Labs was first formed just to give a name to the Play Store account which was going to publish our first commercial game 'ROTO'. ROTO helped us form the team in the first place. That game was developed in a 24-hour international game jam called 'Global Game Development Competition', and was developed by few friends studying together in a game design college. We managed to get an 'Honourable Mention' in the competition and because of the feedback and the result of the competition, we decided to develop it into a full game and release it on mobile platforms. Hence, Lucid Labs was formed.

After that

Now that we had a team, a team name and a game to produce, we spent almost 6 months, working on the weekends in our hostel rooms and sometimes classrooms, to make a game which we all saw as the next big thing. Living in the hostel, and a game design college, we were able to utilize the power of play testing and released the game on Android first. Why Android first, you may ask? Because none of us had an Apple computer to make an iOS build. So yes, we released the game on Android and immediately after, we submitted the game for 'Casual Connect Asia, Indie Prize' and got nominated for the 'Best Free-to-Play' award. Boy, we were stocked. And we attracted some attention too. Both from the press and the publishers. We were offered a lot of publishing deals at the event and decided to go with a SEA publisher called 'Weraku Games' who promised to help us financially and on the marketing side. After about 3 months of refining and developing the game further based on the publisher's feedback, we released the game on the App Store. To our surprise, we got featured on App Store twice, under 'Best New Games', an achievement we wouldn't' have achieved without Weraku's help. We were, however, not a registered company when we released ROTO, but after a successful first game, Chirag decided to form a permanent startup to continue making games, with the vision to make something artistic and experimental with emotional values. His vision was to create artistic games but not with a permanent team, but with collaborators from all over the world. This was his idea of having fun while making games. After ROTO, Lucid Labs (Chirag) made a game called Stay, Mum collaborating with people from Singapore and London and managed to win an Editor's Choice for the same. This is when he knew his idea of making games with new mates for each project might work out. He continues collaborating with talented people from all over the world, diving deep into his favorite game dev topics: story-telling and human emotions.



ROTO Trailer YouTube

Stay, Mum Trailer YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Nominee: Best Free-to-Play" - Casual Connect Asia, 2014

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Chirag Chopra
Founder, Creative Director

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