Revealing our debut PC game – That Little Star

A game about Asperger’s and murder.

It’s been a while since we made any announcements. Apart from procrastinating and playing Rocket League, we’ve been hard at work at something which we haven’t tapped into before.

Ever since we started making games, we were always intrigued by the narrative and adventure genre. Delivering strong narrative wrapped behind an interactive medium is something which always fascinated us.

This along with an urge to make something for the PC gave birth to That Little Star. A narrative-driven adventure game which tells the story of a 12 year old Edward, who’s living with Asperger’s syndrome and wants to be a painter. His social skills are put to a test when he becomes a part of a murder and decides to investigate it for his own good. What might look like a simple murder will change his life forever.

We’ll be revealing more in the coming weeks and we are also sharing our progress on your Facebook and Twitter. So make sure you are following our channels to stay updated on your journey as we try to adapt to this new genre.

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