Bloom is a casual puzzle adventure with a fresh take on chain reactions and an adorable puppy with an unusual love for berries. Celebrated as the runner-up for the Best Upcoming Game at India GDC 2022, Bloom promises a unique blend of brain-teasing challenges with a cast of witty characters orchestrating a narrative that doesn't make much sense.

In this whimsical puzzle, players will accompany Arya and her lovable canine companion, Bo, as they traverse vibrant landscapes filled with bizarre quests. With hundreds of mind-bending logic puzzles spanning twelve captivating locations – from lush forests to alien planets and even party islands – Bloom promises an unforgettable experience that unfolds with every puzzle solved.

That's not it!

At the heart of Bloom lies the Community Hub, boasting an innovative drag-and-drop level maker and inviting players to create their own puzzle masterpieces. Share your creations with friends, dive into a thriving community of puzzle aficionados, participate in thrilling weekly contests, and ascend to the title of the ultimate creator. Or just enjoy hundreds of unique levels created by the community. You will never run out of levels to play!


  • Simple one-handed casual gameplay that's familiar to play yet challenging to master.
  • Enjoy hundreds of free levels with fresh mechanics and evolving challenges.
  • Embark on an incredible journey through 12 locations ranging from lush forests and alien planets to junkyards and party islands while meeting cute & charming characters.
  • Make your own puzzles with the simple drag-and-drop level maker and share them with your friends. Participate in contests to become the best creator in the weekly leaderboard!
  • Play tons of levels created by other players without any additional purchases. You will always have something to play even after completing the story mode!
  • Enjoy the entire story mode at your own pace without the internet!
  • Experience the full story mode and explore countless community levels without spending a dime! For an even better gaming experience, make a one-time purchase to unlock all content and eliminate optional ads instantly.


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Awards & Recognition

  • Nominee: Best Upcoming Game - India GDC, 2022

About Lucid Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Lucid Labs is an award-winning game studio based in New Delhi, India, backed by Google Indie Games Accelerator. The studio is fond of molding experimental ideas into intuitive casual games topped with light-hearted storytelling. Their previous flagship, "Possessions," was teased live at WWDC's main stage and launched exclusively on Apple Arcade. The game has acquired two 'Game of the Year' awards, several accolades, and coverage in publications such as Verge, IGN, Macworld, CNET, and PCGamer.
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Bloom Credits

Chirag Chopra
Game Design and Art
Amrithkiran Manavedan
Nata Alacantra
James Thorley
Sound Design
Mohan Sanam
Andrea Ortino
Level Design
Mehul Sharma
Hauber Suan
Simon Marshall