WeMake.Games is an exclusive space for anyone involved in the craft of making games to come together and hold each other accountable. The platform enables game makers to stay motivated in their tiring game dev journey by sharing their daily goals and progress within a talented community of game developers.


Chirag has been making games with an all-remote team, out of his tiny home office from the past six years. During the development of their recent game 'Possessions', Chirag often lacked the will to continue due to the isolation. But soon, he realized that looking at other cool indie games and their progress often re-ignited the fire. That's how the idea for was formed.
Sure, he could satisfy his cravings from other social channels but, still, Chirag fantasized about a centralized place for game developers where not only he could see their latest screenshots, but also dive deep into how they are being made on a daily basis.


  • Stay accountable by sharing your daily goals with the community.
  • Follow the development of hundreds of indie games in development and add your own.
  • Initiate or participate in discussions around the craft of game development.
  • Garner feedback and motivation by sharing your game's progress as an image, GIF or video.
  • Be a part of an evergrowing community of talented game makers from around the world.


About Lucid Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Backed by Google Indie Games Accelerator, Lucid Labs is an award-winning game studio based in New Delhi, India. We are passionate about crafting experiential games with light-hearted storytelling. Established in 2015, we have won two Game of the Year awards, with our game making an appearance in WWDC Keynote, among several other accolades. We are proud to be the only game studio from India to have a game published on Apple Arcade.
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Contact Lucid Labs by sending an email to hello [at] lucidlabs [dot] in. More information on Lucid Labs Pvt. Ltd., our logo & relevant media are available here.